I always notice that in our family parties or reunions, kids usually stay away from the huge, rich dishes such as pork chops, roast beef, and grilled fish.

They always gravitate towards that one pasta dish that the adults mostly ignore. Spaghetti has established its presence in our family reunion table ever since we were kids; and it seems like it’s going to stay until the next generations. Spaghetti is a favorite among the kids in the family. My nieces and nephews love it most especially if there are huge meatballs on top of the serving pan. They will always fight for a piece of those huge meatballs. Whenever they come over to my house for sleepover, I make sure that I put those extra large meatballs in there.

Lately, I notice that while they still love spaghetti, their appetites are not as big as before. Some of them still manage to finish their plates full of the spaghetti, but there’s no fight over meatballs anymore, and the pan isn’t as empty as it was before.

I guess it’s true that it doesn’t matter how much you love something; sometimes there is a need for a change or a reinvention. I found this recipe that actually helped bring back those appetites. I just tried it in last month’s reunion and it’s an unexpected hit. I just added a few things that twisted the taste a bit and voila!

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